Noisy neighbour hell

One night last week we didn’t really get any sleep. I did try for an hour before Ben got back from his (not very successful) trip but it was a bit cold to get to sleep. Then the neighbours got home from a drinking place. They come home drunk a lot and thump around. They live in the flat above us so we get to hear their thumpings.

But last night it was a lot more than just thumpings. From about 11pm when they got back they put on some very rubbish dance type music as loud as it would go. Their dial on their stereo was like this:


I think it was as loud as it could ever be. But worse was the girl who spent a couple of hours shouting out of the open upstairs window (directly above our bed). We think she must have been on the phone because she did seem to be talking to someone – complaining about f****** c**** b***** b******* f****** f******… you get the idea. I think she probably had a sore throat in the morning.

The next odd thing was at 1:20am they turned the music off. She carried on shouting for a while and then had a better idea. Throwing saucepans down the stairs.


This is the best throwing saucepans down the stairs picture I could find, but the facial expression on the face of the boy on the far left is a bit like mine was at this time, only mine was a bit crosser.

Ben decided to try ringing the police,


but they were too busy dressing up as orcs to do anything about it.

She stopped throwing saucepans down the stairs at 2:30am. Perhaps even more strangely, was that at 7:20 she drove her partner to the train station (no more than 200 yards) and when she came back she had parked very wonky so I think probably she still was not competent (or sober enough) to drive. The next day me and Ben looked like this:


The tiredness also squashed our faces.

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