Maidstone Street

As you probably know we were planning a trip to Sittingbourne on Wednesday. We really should have called ahead. This is the second time this has happened to me. Yep, you know what I am taking about – it was closed. Why do I do this? It’s not that hard to just pick up the phone. So after looking around for a while and not being able to find any way to break in we set off home again. Me and Tom really wanted to ride though so we decided to stop off in Maidstone. We dragged Nigel along as well but he was really much more interested in the fast food outlets.
urban tobogganing
So we played around in some multistory car parks for a bit, airing out the ramps, and trying a few 180s and manuals here and there. Then we went down to the law couths and did this wall ride a few times and tried out some urban tobogganing.
law courts wallride
We came across an empty lorry yard with some pallets in it, so we built a little quarter thing. No sooner had we finished it than security came along to throw us out. i was glad they didn’t make us put the pallets back.
That was about it. We went back to the car and drove home feeling really depressed as we were really looking forward to Sittingbourne and all we got was crappy street.

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