Seb the madman

This is seb at Barmouth. I still haven’t put the xc fun weekend pictures up yet. Toooooo busy. Anyway this was a highlight. Seb was wearing a girls scarf and mittens and this coach load of old people turned up, so we started taking pictures of them like we were the paparatzi. They were loving it, waving and smiling. It was quite funny. Then they drove off and we waved to them and they waved back. Seb – put up one of the pictures you took.

Send me your phones

cellphone.jpgI don’t have a mobile phone. I lost the sim card. It doesn’t really bother me not having a mobile, but it seems to bother a lot of my friends, so if you have an old sim card then send it this way please.

or if you’ve got an old phone that doesn’t work any more I can take that off you hands too. I am operating a scrap phones yard. i have lots of broken old phones and I can pick good bits off them to build good new ones. So, old phons this way too. One like this would be nice, but I am not fussy.

Westkingsdown Skatepark

From Random Bmx:
Just got some info and a new park Kevin Garwood has been building…
“West Kingsdown skatepark, it’s been open for the last couple of weeks… The park is real small, but it’s got a loada stuff crammed in, nice volcano, few quarters, wallrides, driveway/grind box, hip line, and a box/sub-box/mellow quarter type thing there, so it’s all good and rideable! ”
I went to this skatepark at the weekend. There are some good things about it and some bad things. The street spine was really nice, and it was fun to just air the quater, do the spine, tyre tap and go back. Next to this line is a 5ft lip and 6ft platform box, which is probably 6-8 ft long. It is really big and has a trany landing which is great, but it’s just too big for me to be able to get the speed. Also if you can get the speed you are shot into a small quater which is very hard to air at that speed so it’s brakes time. As you can probably see from the pictures, the ramps are very close together which means you can’t fit those pedal strokes in.
The other side of the park is driveways and stuff to keep the skaters out of the way, which is good. Also there is an inset quater which is good for walltaps, which I can’t do. The hip is fun but thin if you want to do it regular. In fact it seems that most of the park is built from someone that rides left foot forwards. The ramps are well built though and ride nicely. The transitions are good and well finished and it all feels right.
Here is some tricks. Air, Someone who could actually clear the box, and a trye tap which is harder than it looks from this angle.

Mako Shark

The Mako Shark (Isurus oxyrinchus) is a really good shark. It is in the same family as the Great White (which is also one of the best ones) but it can swim really fast. It is the fastest shark and has been recorded swimming 46 miles per hour. So the answer to Gareth’s question is almost certainly, no. It also leaps out of the water, particularly if someone is trying to catch it. Unfortunately that makes it all the more fun to catch so there are a lot of shark derbys where they try to catch makos.

Here is a picture of a mako shark looking quite cross:

Mako sharks do not tend to eat people very often because they are mainly open ocean sharks. Or the attacks don’t get reported. In the film Deep Blue Sea they made mako sharks really big and clever and then they hunted the humans in packs and ate most of them. So if we make them big and clever maybe attacks on humans will go up.

The average length of a mako is 7 feet.
They eat lots of different things and particularly like eating blue sharks which I think is quite impressive. They also eat squid which I wouldn’t like to eat so much.
They can be eaten by other large predators, including great whites and orcas and people. Mostly people.

No news.

There is no news. I have lots of pictures on my camera but I have been too busy. Updates will start to roll in at the weekend I hope. New Pretty Shady site soon as well apparently, if I ever get on MSN to help Joe. Tenterden skatepark meeting on Friday.

This stuff is still too cheap.

I learnt some stuff at work like: Don’t use the word brainstorm because people with epilepsy find it offensive. Use instead, word storm (which people with dyslexia find offensive!?).

No pictures either. What to do in a situation like this?
Go and update unknown trails rider
Look at the shovel load
And go to sprocket grind.