The Mako Shark (Isurus oxyrinchus) is a really good shark. It is in the same family as the Great White (which is also one of the best ones) but it can swim really fast. It is the fastest shark and has been recorded swimming 46 miles per hour. So the answer to Gareth’s question is almost certainly, no. It also leaps out of the water, particularly if someone is trying to catch it. Unfortunately that makes it all the more fun to catch so there are a lot of shark derbys where they try to catch makos.

Here is a picture of a mako shark looking quite cross:

Mako sharks do not tend to eat people very often because they are mainly open ocean sharks. Or the attacks don’t get reported. In the film Deep Blue Sea they made mako sharks really big and clever and then they hunted the humans in packs and ate most of them. So if we make them big and clever maybe attacks on humans will go up.

The average length of a mako is 7 feet.
They eat lots of different things and particularly like eating blue sharks which I think is quite impressive. They also eat squid which I wouldn’t like to eat so much.
They can be eaten by other large predators, including great whites and orcas and people. Mostly people.

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