Becky’s Thumb

04122723.jpgOn Sunday me and Ben were playing pool in my parents’ dining room. Pool is not so safe a game as we had imagined so I think we were not prepared for what followed. I was just lining up for a shot, on the black as it happened when suddenly there was a small earthquake detectable only by myself which caused me to ram the pool cue into my thumb nail. Ben thought this was hilarious but it was actually quite serious and I thought for some time that my nail would subsequently go black and fall off.

It hurt a lot so my dad suggested I ran it under cold water. I think to make it go numb and to wash the blood away as the nail had been bent right back about half way down and had dug into my skin under my nail.

Unfortunately rather than numbing the pain the cold water made it about 17 times worse. So I had to kneel down by the sink and then I thought I was going to be very sick. I could kind of feel the sick ready to come out which made me make quite a few sick noises. Ben had stopped laughing by this time and was sympathetically rubbing my back so the sickness passed.

I realised at this point that I was kneeling at the sink which wasn’t particularly nice so I thought I would go and lie down on a sofa. When I stood up I couldn’t see anything and apparently hung onto the coat pegs saying “I can’t see anything” because I couldn’t so I decided to lie down.

My body temperature was now 330 degrees which was quite hot and I couldn’t see for a while. It was like when you have a head rush and those grey squares come up on your eyes but normally they go only a bit of the way up and you just have to hold on to something for a while but this time it went right up for ages and then it went down again and I got up and was ok. I think it was shock. My nail didn’t fall off.

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