I’m not living, I’m just killing time.

Ok, let me give you an insight into my fantasticly exciting life. Tongight the weekend starts at 6 with the Simpsons. Classic TV. When that’s finished there’s nothing else on the box for a bit so I’ll cook some tea. Lasagne tonight I think.

story.chandlerThen the weekend really gets going at 8.30 with Friends. In reality I will be on msn, making some internet, but this will be on in the background I expect.

Friends is funny sometimes. Rebekah doesn’t find much stuff funny. This is especially true for Friends. It is pretty cheesy sometimes, and it is usually bad but every now and then there is a funny one liner.

What annoys me about it, especailly the more recent episodes is that the characters are so over characterised that it becomes ridiculous, and not funny.

gallery.simpsons.triviaNext up is new Simpsons. This is a watcher. Since it’s new i will probably record it as well so i have something to watch the rest of the time when nothing is on.

I really like the simpsons. I have about 10 videos all taped off the TV which I watch at lunchtime. Before I had The Office DVD the simpsons would just be on non-stop, but now they are interspersed with Animals and The Office.

It’s not the one with Blink 182 in tonight, it was just first picture I found.

showcard2_tml_top.jpgvickyfromthesun.jpgRight now it’s 21:30. This is a tough choice. Do i go for the new series of Little Britain, or Max and Paddy’s Road to Nowhere. Peter Kay is funny, but I haven’t seen Little Britain for ages. I think I will record Max and Paddy, as I can leave the video running, and watch Little Britain.

peepshow_SC_t_sept03.jpgNext up is something I’ve only got into recently – Peepshow. This is areally wierd program. It’s is quite funny, really cringing, and strangly fascinating.

It’s about this strange guy who spys on this girl he fancys. It’s got a commentry in it, which usually makes programmes really bad, but it works in this.

jr.jpgThis thrilling evening will then be finished off with Friday Night with Jonathan Ross, although if you are hardcore there is also Father Ted, Punk’d, and Bo! Selecta on Channel 4.

Jonathan Ross can be funny sometimes too, but it is quite rare – it depends what guests he has on. Tonight there is Matt Lucas and David Walliams being interviewed which will probably be funny. U2 are also on which might be interesting although I am not a big fan.

That killed 5 minutes.

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