Ebay for Christmas

splash.jpgI’ve got a load more stuff on ebay in time for Christmas, so start bidding. Go on, you won’t even have to pay postage if I know you. A coat for 1p. Bargin.

Or you could get this great film. I watched it today. It stars Tom Hanks, who everyone loves, and John Candy, who is fat and funny. Basically Tom Hanks is stressed so he goes to the sea, falls in and nearly drowns, looses his wallet, and then gets saved by a mermaid. She then finds his wallet and goes onto land to look for him (she gets legs when she’s dry), they fall in love and then she has to go back home (something to do with the moon), but he can’t go with her as he can’t swim. There’s also some stuff about the govenment wanting to catch the mermaid, which gives you a classic car chase scene.

I won’t give away the ending, so you’ll have to buy the dvd to find out… but it is happy.

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