Radiohead Victoria Park 25th June 2008

Saw Radiohead last night for the 4th time. Bat for Lashes were supporting and were really good.

It was a bit weird at the beginning as it was still light when they came on, and the atmosphere was a bit flat for some reason, but it soon picked up. We seemed to be in the best part of the crowd. It was like 40,000 people standing still and then the hundred or so where we were going mental which was good.

Thom was pretty entertaining too. The crowd were so into it that people weren’t just singing along, they were actually singing the harmonys to some songs. Radiohead fans are pretty sophisticated.

People singing along is one thing. Singing once the band has stopped playing is pretty impressive too, but this crowd was singing once the band had left the stage. 40,000 people singing Karma Police, with no conductor and no instruments is pretty amazing.

Here’s the set list:

01 Reckoner
02 15 Step
03 There There
04 All I Need
05 Lucky
06 Nude
07 Arpeggi
08 Myxomatosis
09 The National Anthem
10 Faust Arp
11 No Surprises
12 Jigsaw Falling Into Place
13 Optimistic
14 Videotape
15 Everything In Its Right Place
16 Idioteque
17 Bodysnatchers

Encore 1:
18 House of Cards
19 The Bends
20 Bangers ‘n Mash
21 My Iron Lung
22 Karma Police

Encore 2
23 Go Slowly
24 2+2=5
25 Paranoid Android

Keith James – The Songs Of Nick Drake

I went to see Keith James perform The Songs Of Nick Drake in Maidstone’s Jazz and Blues Cafe last night.

I don’t like bad reviews so I am going to try and be as objective as possible, but I have to admit that starting of a review like that doesn’t bode well.

To put it simply, if you expect Keith to perform Nick Drake’s songs with the sympathetic accuracy and attention to detail that Nick himself strove to perfect, then you will be disappointed. Keith James is not true to Nick Drake’s performances in guitar playing, melody, style, lyric or attitude.

He is obviously a talented musician, and has a strong voice and guitar, but he didn’t seem to feel a need for keeping accurately to the songs, which I found confusing. I am not sure if this was delibrate or not. What I find difficult to understand is the motivation behind these changes. Either he is not aware of how unfaithful he is being to the original songs – in some cases the differences were vast, or thinks that it doesn’t matter. Given that Nick Drake is the best singer/songwriter who has ever lived, James is brave in trying to “improve” on his material.

I’ll stop there before I get any more mean – if you can’t say something to someone’s face then you shouldn’t write it in a review.

More Reviews and Pictures.

Keith James’ website.

And just to set the record straight, Nick didn’t write Been Smokin’ Too Long, it was Robin Frederick. Nick just changed one line.