April 2020

I’m very late with this month’s playlist post, sorry:

Lucky For You – Novo Amor, Gia Margart – This bass is really nice; reminds me of the Red Hot Chilli Peppers though I’m not sure what song. Any ideas? Their voices go really well together.

Gloria – Henry Jamison – A nice song, and then you get to the chorus and the bass kicks in and it’s great.

Putting The Dogs To Sleep – The Antlers – I really love those guitar strikes; its a powerful call and response between the vocal and another instrument.

This Is Not Who I Want To Be – Joanna Sternberg – Really exquisite song writing. The melody in the verse is really just a few notes, which I would never be brave enough to do, but the way the chords move underneath really works.

New Partner – Palace Music – This is one of those songs that you’re sure you’ve heard before even when you never have. Unless I had and didn’t remember. Either way lovely chorus; nice overlapping harmonies.

Stranger’s Kiss – Alex Cameron, Angel Olsen – Another duet. The production is really interesting. I thought it must be from the eighties but it’s modern. The song writing is reminiscent of that time too. Reminds me of “Total Eclipse Of The Heart”, which can never be a bad thing.

Every day is a Sisyday

Living in with restrictions on what we can do means that all the days start to feel the same. We start to lose track of what day of the week it is, since it doesn’t really matter anyway. I’ve started feeling like a need a word to use when I can’t remember the day of the week. It needs to be a new word for a day of the week which connects to the idea that every day is the same.

Most of our days of the week are named after Norse gods, but I struggled to find a figure in Norse mythology who would represent the idea of the relentless repetition of every day being the same. Often people used “Groundhog day” in this way in reference to the film, but it seems like a bit of a corruption of the original idea.

Instead I’ve started calling every day “Sisyday” in reference to Sisyphus whose fate it was to push a boulder up a hill every day for eternity. If you feel similarly about life in lockdown you’re welcome to use it!