Seven Spells

A few weeks ago my old friend Roo came to stay and I recorded a few of his songs. Red did a nice drawing, and Becky played some recorder. We put it all together with a bit of magic to create Seven Spells. The album is now on Spotify and all major music outlets:

You can download for free from Roos’┬ábandcamp.


Where The Spine Meets The Head

I wrote this song in response to an event in my childhood. My Dad wrote a short piece about it, which some of the words are lifted from. You need to read it.

Maybe one day my brother will make a chainsaw sculpture of it and my sister and animation. Until then you’ll have to make do with a snow sculpture of Anne Boleyn and her dog watching an execution.

It’s a bit like “there’s a hole in my bucket” only not at all: