Fly Bikes – Uno (Soundtrack)

The beginning of Fly Bikes Uno BMX film is probably my favourite (non trails!) BMX video of all time, mainly because of the music. For the longest time I have been unable to find out what the music is. I emailed Fly to find out but they didn’t know what it was – only that it was from Sergios’s ipod. I used Shazam which told me that it was “The Decant Session” by Yann Tiersen, but that is only 47 seconds long – not long enough.

Then today I found the rest of the piece. It’s part of the “Goodbye Lenin” soundtrack, by Yann Tiersen but Fly reordered the tracks and I really like their order, so I made a spotify playlist of video:

Fly Bikes – Uno

Why Facebook, why?

About a week ago Facebook introduced a global “Like” button that you can put on any website. It sparked some controversy as some people don’t like the idea that Facebook is spreading like a cancer all over the internet as if they are the platform the web is built on.

I started looking into implementing this, and today I realised that the API for “open” graph specifies the meta tag with an attribute “property” this is not valid XHTML. Why couldn’t they just use the name attribute like everyone else? Why Facebook, why?