22nd January

Does anyone actually use the BMX News? Tell your freinds!

I joined flickr. I am going to use it for all my random pictures. I take so many that never make the internet, and flickr is really quick to update. You can see the latest picture on the right there. Quantity over quality!

In March me and Rudi are going busking, so I need to practice…

18th January

On Monday we went to Corby for Pete’s birthday. I took 3 pictures and they were terrible. I was too busy riding. Nigel took some good ones.

Some things that happened:
Greg learnt supermans
Everyone managed to hurt themselves in the foam pit
I fell off on two spins and still ache
We met Joe Symonds
Trevor nearly did a three whip
We all had large stuffed crust pizzas afterwards and nearly died of overeating
The van stank.