30th November

I put up some pictures of dagger trails.

So far this “digging year” (october to october) 4 people have dug at the trails. If you don’t help out at least once at the trails this winter, how can you expect to ride in the summer? Well the simple answer is you can’t. Unless you have come and done some digging for at least one day, you won’t be welcome (unless of course you have your own, running, trails).

So, see you tomorrow?

26th November

The first installment of pictures of Antigua are up. More to come…

The other night I had a dream that Richie Dagger was driving that red jeep around and we went to PC world and he cut someone up in an orange mini. The mini was a banger so it chased Richie round the car park in his new Jeep, until it turned over. Then they left us alone and we went to PC world to buy writable cds.