16th October

Today I saw Roger the tramp! For people who have been looking at this website for a long time, you will remember that Roger was a tramp who lived in Headcorn and Tim and Rudi hung around with him when Tim had a broken arm. Rudi has some pictures but I can’t find them. A few years ago he disappeared from Headcorn and people said he was dead. He’s not.

Apparently he went to Bestival and spent some time on the Isle of White. He has left the Green Party, so he didn’t want to go back to Headcorn, but he came back to the South East to trace his roots and now he is living in the woods near Teson in his tent, all year round. He said lots of other stuff too but it was a bit rambled. Roger is amazing.

15th October

Its digging season. I can tell this because there has been no-one at the trails for over a week (apart from “the diggers”, you know who they are). We have some good ideas for new lines next year, and they will get built whether you turn up to help dig or not, becasue some people are prepared to put in the hard work to make things happen. However, if you don’t turn up and help out this winter, you will not be riding any of these new lines.

However, building someone elses trails for them is not fun. You don’t see the thing come together in the same way, or get the same satisfaction from riding it. Much more rewarding is starting your own place and making something you want to ride. You have six months…

By the way Richard_McCourt (one half of Dick and Dom from Dick and Dom in da bungalow) is 31.