25th January

Meeting went ok. Hoping to get some jumps in Hoggs Green by Easter. We need to draw a plan. I have made a plan of the site as it is at the moment. It’s here. So draw your ideas on that and post it on the book. Anything goes pretty much as long as there’s space for the walkers to get through on the footpath.

I think trails work well when people pick a space and build something in it that they want. Building by committee doesn’t work so well. Greg wants a line, and I’ll put a line in. If anyone else want a line then call it now. Remeber that you don’t have to dig it. That’s what the JCB is for. In any case please draw some crazy designs. I’d like to have lots of really wide landings, but that means that the smaller lines end up being really spaced out. Any ideas how to overcome this?


17th January

Me and Liam made this website.“In the mid-17th century, glaciers in the Swiss Alps advanced, gradually engulfing farms and crushing entire villages. The River Thames and the canals and rivers of the Netherlands often froze over during the winter, and people skated and even held frost fairs on the ice.”

Have you heard of The Little Ice Age or The Medieval Warm Period. Makes you wonder about global warming. Its not as straight forward as you might think. Doesn’t mean its ok to waste unsustainable resources though.

11th January

I’m already itching to get out on my bike again. I want to ride some jumps or anything really.

Sittingbourne was fun yesterday. The CD worked ok and Jenny let us play it. Need to start thinking of songs for the next one. You can fit about 20 songs on so that’s about 4/5 songs each. Sittingbourne was very quiet which was good. I did a 4 minute run or something which made me tired. Learnt some things too which makes me happy.

Just found the LifeCycle website. The outdoor park in Gravesend looks like it would be quite to transfer into and out of. (pdf)