Shark Attacks

This has been a really good few days for shark programmes – one yesterday and sunday;  the one yesterday was all about shark bites and showed film of real attacks.  bits of skin hanging off and blood and everything.

the first programme was about tiger sharks so this is a tiger shark update.  they are stripey and eat anything.  no-one knows where they give birth.  they have the most dangerous bite of any shark as it shears straight through anything.  in 1945 a boat sank in world war 2 and 940 men were thrown into the sea.  they were there 4 days until they were rescued but only 300 survived the shark attacks.  they think the sharks were tiger sharks as so many of the men lost limbs or even the whole of their bottom half.  the army had told them the best way to defend themselves from sharks was to kick and scream, but they were wrong.  this is a good way to attrack them as they think you are hurt and are prey.  so lots of people got eaten.

Great White Sharks

This update is rebekah’s first shark update. Here are some great white shark pictures from the internet. One day I am going to go diving with great white sharks and then I can put photos on that I have taken. Only Ben’s camera doesn’t work underwater. Have to work on that.

This shark is jumping. This will be like me diving.

They are surprisingly good at it actually.