The world’s first vocoppella (vocoder only) album. It’s about isolation, snow scenes, old books, viruses, loneliness, self-doubt, werewolves, getting old, moths, that darkness which lies within us — being human. Today I wrote my 2020th haiku. Many of the words in this album came from these haiku. It’s also an album about 2020.

If you download the album on Bandcamp you get an extra 11 tracks of extended versions and demos.

You can listen on Spotify if you prefer:

It’s also on all the other music places.

I recorded a long rambling monologue about why I decided to do this project and how it came about:

I made some alternative album art. These stones are hidden around the UK. I hope someone finds one!

Between The Bars – Vocoder cover

As I mentioned, I am going to release a new album when I hit my 2020 haiku streak. This album only uses two instruments – my voice and a vocoder. I’ve been messing about with the vocoder and doing some covers of other songs, but these are problematic to get onto Spotify and Bandcamp so I thought I’d share them here instead. Here is the first:

Between The Bars – Elliott Smith cover

Thanks for listening.

Two Thousand Haiku

It feels like a long time since I posted about hitting my 1000 haiku milestone. Things have changed a bit since then. I now post on my Instagram as well as to, Telegram and Twitter.

Every haiku now has a photo to accompany it. Some are alliterative. Some are acrostic. Many rhyme (whoops should have made a tag for that!). I tried doing a song for each one too, but it was too onerous.

I have found that writing a haiku every day has given me a wealth of material when looking for song lyrics. I will be releasing a new album of songs to coincide with my 2020th haiku, which uses the words from many of the haikus I wrote in 2020.

This is my 2000th haiku. I wrote it on a stone and hid it near where the photo was taken. I hope someone finds it.

New Card Game: Name needed!

I have been working on a new simple card game for a while, so I thought I’d write down the rules before I forget. You will need:

  • 1 deck of playing cards.
  • 2 or 3 players.

That’s all. I like simple games.

How to play

First separate the deck into suits (clubs, hearts, spades and diamonds). Now give each player a suit, and set the other aside.

Your suit is like money; you will use it to buy other cards. The cards have a value of the number printed on them (Ace = 1, Jack = 11, Queen = 12, King = 13).

Take one of the spare suits (e.g. diamonds), shuffle it and lay it face down between the players.

Turn over the top card. This is the first card you will bid on (e.g. 7 of diamonds). The highest bidder will win the card. Every player secretly selects the card they wish to bid, and lays it face down in front of them. When everyone has selected a card, all the cards are turned over. The player who placed the highest bid wins the card (in this example the 7 of diamonds). The cards that are won are kept on the table in front of the player who won them. The other cards are discarded until the end of the game. If the two highest bids are the same value then all cards are discarded and no one wins this round.

Play repeats for each of the cards in the suit (in this example diamonds). By the end of the game all players will have spent all of the cards in their suit and will have won (hopefully) some back.


The cards are scored according to the same value as the “money” cards; each card is worth their number (Ace = 1, Jack = 11, Queen = 12, King = 13). The player with the highest score wins.


You can play with more than three players, you just need another deck of cards. You can also try different rules for what happens when two players lay the same card.

You can also play without the “spare” suit. Instead players take it in turn to offer their own cards up for purchase. When playing like this it’s a good idea to go around the circle in an ABCCBA order, as the first player has a distinct advantage.

You can also play both variations with an open bidding system, which works like a standard auction.


I need an idea for a name! Suggestions in the comments. Also let me know if you play…