Have you had your medicine?

It is well documented that being outside, taking exercise and enjoying nature are helpful to combat depression. Speaking personally, I know that getting outside makes me feel better about life. Seeing the world outside the four walls of my room puts my own problems in perspective. Doing exercise gives makes me a sense of achievement, which can often be the first step in achieving more.

When we are given medicine for a health condition we are suffering from, it is important to take our medicine so that we can recover from the illness.

I have found it helpful to think about daily exercise like a daily dose of medicine. I don’t always want to take it, but I know if I do I will end up feeling better. In the same way that taking that medicine from the doctor is a priority, so is getting outside.

I am by no means suggesting the exercise is a cure for mental health issues, simply that it can help to lift your mood and sense of well being, for anyone.

If you’re feeling down ask yourself, have I had my medicine?


The world’s first vocoppella (vocoder only) album. It’s about isolation, snow scenes, old books, viruses, loneliness, self-doubt, werewolves, getting old, moths, that darkness which lies within us — being human. Today I wrote my 2020th haiku. Many of the words in this album came from these haiku. It’s also an album about 2020.

If you download the album on Bandcamp you get an extra 11 tracks of extended versions and demos.

You can listen on Spotify if you prefer:

It’s also on all the other music places.

I recorded a long rambling monologue about why I decided to do this project and how it came about:

I made some alternative album art. These stones are hidden around the UK. I hope someone finds one!

Between The Bars – Vocoder cover

As I mentioned, I am going to release a new album when I hit my 2020 haiku streak. This album only uses two instruments – my voice and a vocoder. I’ve been messing about with the vocoder and doing some covers of other songs, but these are problematic to get onto Spotify and Bandcamp so I thought I’d share them here instead. Here is the first:

Between The Bars – Elliott Smith cover

Thanks for listening.

Two Thousand Haiku

It feels like a long time since I posted about hitting my 1000 haiku milestone. Things have changed a bit since then. I now post on my Instagram as well as to haiku.blog, Telegram and Twitter.

Every haiku now has a photo to accompany it. Some are alliterative. Some are acrostic. Many rhyme (whoops should have made a tag for that!). I tried doing a song for each one too, but it was too onerous.

I have found that writing a haiku every day has given me a wealth of material when looking for song lyrics. I will be releasing a new album of songs to coincide with my 2020th haiku, which uses the words from many of the haikus I wrote in 2020.

This is my 2000th haiku. I wrote it on a stone and hid it near where the photo was taken. I hope someone finds it.