All change

Well the last few weeks have been really busy for me. Having a broken arm has given me the time to work on my portfolio and apply for lots of jobs. It looks likely that I will be working in London soon and commuting everyday which will give me lots of train time, so maybe this site will get some attention who knows.

Our vegetables are doing really well. We had some courgettes the other day:


A bit funny looking but they tasted ok.


Been going on some walks.


Also we are moving house soon, so I have been clearing out the garage. There are my digging shoes from the last 3 years!

Going away tomorrow so no updates for the next week. Enjoy the weather!

3 responses to “All change”

  1. i quit my job at the end of this month! 2 and a bit weeks, then uni.
    if you need a hand moving stuff when moving out i’ll be available during those 2 weeks.


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