Richard Whiteley

_38167918_count_150.jpgThe term pug-nosed gimp has never seemed more appropriate than when used in the context of this man. Repulsive, grotesque and intensely annoying are also two more terms I use to describe him.

What annoys me is that when he was alive everyone went on about how slimy and smarmy he was, but now he is dead they all love him. Not me. I am glad he is dead. If it wasn;t for him I could have enjoyed watching countdown, but he just ruined the whole program for me. I just couldn’t stop cringing when he pretended to have got all the answers that the other people had. Everything about him just makes me mad. He was really rubbish at the games as well – he was pleased if he got a 5 letter word.

I was saying only a few weeks ago, when I heard that he was ill, that I hoped he would die, and he did, so I am happy. The only bad thing is that they might take the programme off the air now. How stupid can you get. The programme has been plagued for years by this dithering idiot – now they have the chance to ditch the dodo.

Anyway I am sure this will generate a lot of guestbook hate so go…

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